How to Write Persuasive Articles – My EzineArticles Case Study

Writing persuasive articles that inspire people to click to learn more is what successful article writing is all about. One of the easiest ways to do this is by always focusing on what the reader is looking for. You do this by writing about their wants and desires, rather than what you want . When a visitor lands on your article they usually want to solve a problem. You can become an instant authority by positioning yourself as the expert with the answers to their biggest problems.

One of the ways I've found success through writing is by submitting my articles to the EzineArticles directory. The articles in my main EzineArticles account have generated 198,352 views to date, and that's not including articles under pen names. I was recently selected from over 270,000 article writers to take part in an article case study to share my strategies. My article writing tips case study can be read in full here.

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Buyer Keywords to Determine Commercial Intent

Locating and using buyer keywords on your website can easily make the difference between a website that makes money and one that doesn't. If you are optimizing your pages for keywords and phrases that results in information gatherers rather than buyers you are leaving tons of money on the table.

To get as much value out of each visitor that comes to your site you need to be targeting the right kind of website traffic. That's why it's important to use buyer keywords to determine commercial intent before you create an article headline, optimize your page, or create backlink anchor text.

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Using Consumer Buyer Demographics to Get Marketing Insight

When marketing a product it's important to know as much as possible about your potential buyers. Knowing their gender, age, where they live, preferences, likes and dislikes can be extremely valuable while crafting your marketing message.

Using a demographics prediction tool its possible to get insight into a specific groups demographics and in turn find out what sites they like to visit and what they respond to. Know this can help you compile keywords that your market uses for pay per click advertising, or while browsing on a search engine.

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Freelance Work Sites – Places to Find Work From Home As a Freelancer

Many people are feeling the squeeze in this economy. For that reason it's helpful to know what to do if you suddenly were faced with the loss of your job or online income. In this case there are many freelance work sites you can use to make sure the money keeps coming in during these trying times.

As a freelancer you can do a variety of tasks for companies from your home computer. Some of the most popular jobs include programming, search engine optimization, writing, design, translation, administrative support, lead generation, and data entry.

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Show Off Your Popular Twitter Followers

Just found a cool website that allows you to show off your popular Twitter followers. It's a great way to show appreciation for those who follow you and give them extra publicity.

Make sure to follow me here: Matthew Sherborne on Twitter

You can get your own twitter mosaic here.

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Social Bookmarking Traffic

Social Bookmarking Traffic can result in thousands of new visitors to your website within hours of submission. Receiving  massive amounts of traffic to your website using social networks is very possible if you submit solid content that people want to share.

To succeed with the social web you need to have the confidence and know-how to compete in this fast-growing marketplace of ideas. You have to embrace the conversation and...encourage it.

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Social Bookmarking Service

Announcing the launch of our brand new Social Bookmarking Service -

As you probably know if you subscribe to my social networking email newsletter, I receive a huge amount of traffic from social bookmarking.

The knowledge I've gained by this experience has given me the opportunity to create an information packed course on the subject called the Social Media Formula.

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How to Stop Skype Spam

Ever wonder how to stop Skype spam? Spam messages on Skype is a problem that has progressively getting worse as time goes on. For one thing Skype has no current plans to stop these spam messages from occurring.

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Myspace Friends Request Manager Gets Easier

Adding friends through the Myspace Friends Request Manager just got a whole lot easier. Now when you accept a friend to your Myspace profile you can see a list of who you added. Giving you an opportunity to either send them a message or add a comment.

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Use StumbleUpon Without a Toolbar

New developments at the popular bookmarking site makes it possible to use StumbleUpon without the toolbar and even before You sign up. The Stumble before you sign up is sure to be popular with casual users and increase activity within the site.

Now using a new topic-based navigation Stumbleupon users can browse popular pages from the “Recently Popular,” “Most Shared” and “Recently Rated” tabs. In addition

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