How to Write Persuasive Articles – My EzineArticles Case Study

Writing persuasive articles that inspire people to click to learn more is what successful article writing is all about. One of the easiest ways to do this is by always focusing on what the reader is looking for. You do this by writing about their wants and desires, rather than what you want . When a visitor lands on your article they usually want to solve a problem. You can become an instant authority by positioning yourself as the expert with the answers to their biggest problems.

One of the ways I've found success through writing is by submitting my articles to the EzineArticles directory. The articles in my main EzineArticles account have generated 198,352 views to date, and that's not including articles under pen names. I was recently selected from over 270,000 article writers to take part in an article case study to share my strategies. My article writing tips case study can be read in full here.


Here are some of my best article writing tips:

1. Focus on what the reader is looking for: People are usually reading articles to solve a problem they are having, make sure you are focusing on problems and position yourself as the expert authority with the answers.

2. Get attention with your article: You do this by knowing what your reader wants and are searching for. This way you  position yourself to provide the answers to them. You first get attention with a headline that grabs their attention, then you evoke curiosity by aggravating the problem within the article. Next share a few ways to solve these problems. Focus on niches that have people that desperately need solutions to a painful problem. By helping people overcome their problems you will have a sure-fire way to get attention and create a great income.

3. Deliver a clear call to action: Once you have outlined a big problem within your article it's time to deliver a clear call to action to get them to click on the links in your bio with the promise of instant or speedy results.

4. Know your goals before you start writing: Before writing any articles you need to know what you want to accomplish. Do you want to target people with a buyer's mindset toward a particular product, or are you looking to target people interested in a certain topic. Getting clear on what you want to accomplish will help your article speak more directly to the reader. Spend a little time finding out who your target audience is. Then find out what they are searching for. You can find out the keywords people are searching for by using tools like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool or WordTracker to help target the right keywords.

5. Use the right keywords in your article: Remember the keywords you choose are very important and need to be incorporated into your headline and article to make them visible within the search engines. Practice the skill of using your keywords within your article without sacrificing the grammatical structure or its quality. To find the right keyword density you can use a free tool like Dupe Free Pro. A great tip you can use for best results in the search engines is to put your keyword phrase at the beginning of your article.

6. Always create content around a demand:  Creating content around a real demand will  guarantee you aren’t wasting any time. An easy way to see what people want is to select a topic you’re interested in, then find an article on the EzineArticles website, and scroll to the bottom where it shows the most viewed articles for that category. Next take a look at what is popular on the EzineArticles website. Analyze what they are doing with the headline, take note of what is popular, and recreate your own articles on those subjects to generate similar results.

7. Know your topic well by doing a little research before writing anything: If you don't know much about the subject you should quickly research other articles and gather several main points. Know the main points you want to address before you begin writing. If you are just starting out writing articles find the most read articles in your market. Study what they are doing right and spend time studying headlines that make people want to open articles. Just getting people to click your article is the most important part. You’d be amazed how much the article headline can impact the success of the article.

The tools I use the most are found within the author tools –> view article reports section. Looking at the amount of article views can tell you the popularity of your article and help you decide what you are doing right. If an article is doing well you can create additional articles on the subject. Another helpful tool within this section is the article click rate. Knowing the click rate helps you determine the percentage of visitors clicking your bio link. This knowledge is invaluable for letting you know if your article bio is effective and getting people’s attention.

8. Get increased authority and valuable backlinks by using proper keywords: It’s a good idea to use the keywords you want to rank for as your anchor text from your authors bio. This technique can help you archive a higher quality back-link to promote your website.

9. Make a big promise from your articles bio to boost your click-through-rate:  A big tip that works well is to create a strong call to action from your bio. This can be the promise of the answer to the biggest question related to the article to encourage click-throughs to your site. Adding the lure of a free pdf, checklist, or video can definitely increase yourclick through rate (CTR.)

10. Build links to your articles to help them get better results in the search engines: You can submit your articles to social bookmarking sites, and post them to Twitter or Facebook for better exposure. Getting your articles to stick in [the search engines] will help drive up page views and send much more visitor traffic through your links.

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  1. Jerry Samuels said:

    Great article! Clear, focused and a money making reading experience. You are helping a lot of people to write better articles and get more from the fruits of their labor. Thank You!

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  3. Canvas photos said:

    As a photojournalist, writing is another factor in this field. I’m not just only explaining what the picture is all about but sometimes, it requires an updated article also. And I have to admit that when it comes to writing strategy, I have no idea about it. I just write from what my thought tells me. This posted article you had would be of great help in my writing. Keep posting and sharing your informative article. you are helping other people.

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  5. Luke of Wetsuit- reviews said:

    Writing an article is one the struggles I have in life. Especially in finding a keyword to use. One thing I did is that I save enormous time from this process by just doing a keyword research. Through this, I’ll get a list of topics that the readers are usually searching online. I think that the step by step process you have here is definitely true.

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  7. Internet Marketing Newbies said:

    Hey Matthew enjoyed your post great job a lot of good content here.

    I think all 10 are good especially #6 Always create content around a demand this helps a great deal.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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